Paradise IV Wines  

History of Paradise IV Winery

James Henry Dardel arrived from Switzerland in 1842 on board the “Himalaya”.

In 1848, after spending time in the Yarra Valley and then setting up a vineyard in Brighton, Dardel commenced the establishment of Paradise Winery and Vineyards I, II, III and IV on the banks of the Moorabool River in the Moorabool Valley at Batesford which is 8 kms. west of Geelong on the Midland Highway.
He was the most prominent of Batesford’s Swiss vignerons and he won many prizes for his wines at several Paris Exhibitions as well as the Royal Shows in Melbourne and Sydney.
Dardel’s Paradise wines were invariably amongst the gold medal winners at the annual Exhibitions in Geelong.

In the late 1870’s the arrival of phylloxera put an end to viticulture in the Geelong region. An order for compulsory eradication of Paradise Vineyards and all vineyards in the region was given and carried out by the Government in 1881.
The Moorabool Valley was Victoria’s premier wine producing area at the time the dreaded louse was discovered.

In 1988 planting at Moorabool Estate was re-established on the site of the original Paradise IV Vineyard by Graham and Ruth Bonney.

Doug Neal discovered Moorabool Estate in 2006 and from that time, a partnership was formed with Doug as winemaker to produce wines under the Paradise IV label.

Doug has spent many years in the wine industry and learnt much of his winemaking while working with Rick Kinzbrunner at Giaconda for 13 vintages. He still helps out at Giaconda and is in partnership with Rick Kinzbrunner in their French oak barrel importation business.


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