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It has taken ten years of dedicated hard work to refine our wines.

Ignoring the latest trends, here today gone tomorrow fashions, we have remained firmly fixed on our vision wines that are complex, perfumed, accessible yet capable of ageing and above all, textural and round.
Paradise IV is its own style neither an imitation of others nor a follower.
Our commitment is to create wines that reflect our beautiful, historic site and my passion for harmony and elegance.

It is my belief that Shiraz, grown in the right conditions is more than capable of producing similar ethereal qualities to those of pinot noir.
I believe Geelong, especially sites in the Moorabool Valley, is a natural home for spicy, complex and highly aromatic Shiraz.

Chaumont continues to gather structure and depth with each vintage and it is certainly resonating well with the public.
Now others in the region are starting to see the inherent beauty in Bordeaux varietals grown on the right sites in and around Geelong.

Doug Neal